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The Turntable Teachers have partnered with Write Mind, founded by Lowell, MA hip hop artist J Faith, and HipHop Production HQ, founded by B Leafs, to provide resources for those within the music industry.  


Whether you are an artist, producer, engineer, promoter, or podcaster, our goal is to provide information for all experience levels in order to help you improve your craft.  Check out the links below!

In Concert

Artist Development

From song-writing, to branding, to networking within the music industry, and everything in between, these resources will help you develop as an artist

DJ Producing Music

Production/ engineering

The process of learning how to produce a track can be challenging and time consuming. We provide tips for best software/hardware to use, music theory, how to mix & master & more

Vintage Records

Music Industry

Here, we give you the knowledge you'll need to navigate through business side of the music industry. This includes promotion, royalties, record labels, managers, and more

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