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Meet the Team



Mike Scarfo

Host, Owner & Founder

Mike is a High School English Teacher & Basketball Coach in the Greater Boston area. He co-founded The Turntable Teachers in January 2019, and is the Owner and Host of the show; he interviews local artists in the MA music scene, and reviews and analyzes music of all genres. Mike is also a music blog writer, edits and produces episodes, and curates Spotify Discover playlists. He is passionate about sharing music, and teaching others about music.


Sam McKenzie

Lead Producer, Video Editor, & Social Media Content Creator

Sam is a talented video editor, and is the lead producer of The Turntable Teachers. He creates promotional videos, edits full length episodes, and creates video content for our website and Instagram pages. In addition, Sam also helps with social media marketing, and brand marketing for the show. 


Phoenix Rios

Co-Host & On-Air Personality

Phoenix Rios is a hip-hop artist and theater major from Holyoke, MA. Phoenix is the co-host of our regular set of episodes and is one of our main on-air personalities. Phoenix has a passion for talking about music as well as creating it.

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Zaafir Madyun

Business Partner & Co-Host of "Let's Get Comfortable"

Zaafir Madyun is a Boston-based hip-hop artist and the co-host of our "Let's Get Comfortable" spin-off series. Zaafir is also a partner and consultant for the Turntable Teachers through his record label AOA Sounds, and is a valuable member of the marketing and business side of the show. 


Justin Oliver

Business Partner & Founder of "Write Mind"

Justin Oliver (aka J. Faith) is a hip-hop artist based out of Lowell, MA. In addition to being an artist, Justin is also the founder of the 'Write Mind" initiative which aims to teach tips and provide resources to young people in the fields of music, mental health, fitness, and finance. He is the vision behind our "Write Mind" series of episodes.

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Andrew Preshong

Website & Graphic Design, & Marketing Consultant

Andrew is a vital consultant of the podcast. He was the lead designer of the Turntable Teachers website and merchandise store. Andrew has a background in social media marketing, and also helped with brand marketing and SEO growth for the show. 

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D.S. Young

Blog Writer

D.S. Young is a poet and author, most notably through her Instagram poetry page. Young focuses on writing about classic 70's, 80's, and 90's artists through prose and a narrative lens. Young's blogs are always introspective, and often personal as she seamlessly connects the music that shaped her life, as well as the impact they have on the music world today. Follow her on Instagram @d.s_young

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