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WASHY is an upper-state NY born rapper/singer who now resides in Chelsea, MA. His music blends hip-hop, electronic, and pop sounds, making for incredibly catchy tracks that are accessible to a wide audience.


WASHY and good friend Kolbe joined our show for plenty of music insight, laughs, and real honest conversation. Topics include their journey moving from Niagara Falls to Boston, Washy's latest show at Icon Nightclub, the inspiration behind the song "Mission Impossible", the Travis Scott documentary, the "10/90" mindset, how your failures can grow to successes, Kolbe's devious master plan to take over The Turntable Teachers podcast, and so much more.


Follow WASHY on Instagram @washyxxc and stream his music available on all platforms


Zaafir is a rapper/hip-hop artist from Malden, MA. His sound consists of blends of modern/trap, afrobeat, and R&B. He has opened for artists such as Playboi Carti, IDK, and Yonas, as well as traveled the world performing. He has been on our show twice, once in studio and once over Instagram Live.


Zaafir is incredibly well-spoken as he provides some brilliant anecdotes on this episode (what he calls his "gems") and stories. On his in studio interview, He and Mike discuss balancing a 9-5 while also following your dreams, his partnership with Syndicate and the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people, what it was like opening for popular artists, the amazing story of quitting his job to go on a 4-month long Europe tour and his experiences traveling the world to perform, his advice to anyone attempting to make it in the music industry, and so much more.


Follow Zaafir on Instagram @officiallyzaafir and stream his music available on all platforms


SYN.DI.CATE is a Boston-based clothing brand founded by CEO Haven Prescott, and CFO Dante Brown. 

On their interview, Haven discusses numerous brand-related topics such as their motto of “quality over quantity”, their business philosophies, navigating the saturated clothing industry, as well as building their brand beyond clothing. He also shares his experiences working with numerous brands like Puma, Concepts, and being featured on popular TV Shows such as Love & Hip-Hop and Black Ink, and even getting the opportunity to meet Pharrell.

Haven also dives into some deeper topics with Mike, such as the importance of family, particularly the impact his mother’s musical talent has had on his life. We each shared our stories of struggle with mental health, explaining how music has been a saving grace for both of our unique journeys. Most importantly, we discuss how overcoming our trials and tribulations with mental health has been a driving force to achieve each of our respective life goals.

Follow SYN.DI.CATE on Instagram @syn.di.cate and head to their website to shop their store

Lord Felix

Lord Felix is a Brockton, MA rapper and member of the Van Buren Records collective. Lord Felix blends hip-hop sounds that consist of alternative, electronic, and contemporary.

Lord Felix came on the show to discuss his recent win of Best New Artist at the Boston Music Awards, the Van Buren record label & collective of artists, some of the Van Buren artists attending the Dreamville recording sessions, the death of Kobe Bryant, his experience in the graphic design industry, and so much more.

Follow Lord Felix on Instagram @lordfelix_ and stream his music available on all platforms

Odenz TV

Odenz TV is a Brockton, MA based YouTube channel, reviewing popular music as well as Boston artists, created by none other than Odenz himself. Odenz breaks down albums in an authentic and enjoyable fashion, you will certainly learn a thing or two from his channel.

We sat down with Odenz to discuss Kendrick Lamar's progression as an artist. We review each of his albums, and go off on many other music-related topics as well. 

Follow Odenz TV on Instagram @odenz_ and subscribe to his YouTube channel here

Marcel Stephon

Marcel Stephon is a rapper hailing from Gardner, MA. Marcel blends sounds of trap, contemporary, and soul. 

On his episode, they discuss the story behind Marcel creating the intro to our show, Marcel's experience working with Boston rapper Michael Christmas, his upcoming new mixtape Chill the F*ck Out, how his brother and son have become inspirations for his journey, his dream scenario song, and so much more. We also unveil the premiere of the first track of the mixtape, titled "Get Rick Quick"

Follow Marcel Stephon on Instagram @marcel_stephon and stream his music available on all platforms

B Leafs
B leafs.jpg

B Leafs is a hip-hop producer from Danvers, MA. B Leafs blends sounds of boom-bap, old school, and cloud rap. He has produced tracks from countless MA artists and worked with heavy hitters that include Styles P, Raekwon, Large Professor, Cormega, Skyzoo, Millyz, OnCue, Planet Asia and more!

Mike sits down with B Leafs for an engaging discussion about the beat making process, what it was like for him to work with some of his idols in the rap game on his album, his inspirations for making music, having the courage to chase your dreams and passions regardless of what people say, the Boston rap scene, the legacies and inspirations of Nipsey Hussle and Mac Miller, his dream song scenario, and what’s next for his future projects. They also break down his album The Horizon, sharing their favorite tracks and moments from the album.

Follow B Leafs on Instagram @b_leafs and stream his music available on all platforms


Hero is a rapper and producer from Roxbury, MA. Known as a spitter, Hero blends old-school and boom bap sounds in his music. 


Mike sits down for a conversation with Hero, as they discuss his brand new project with producer 16bitspit, titled Maximum Carnage, detailing the process of creating it as well as the concept behind it. He discusses his influences and favorite artists, his new found passion for performing, and so much more

Follow Hero on Instagram @herorapping and stream his music available on all platforms


13pm is a Medford, MA hip-hop producer. His instrumentals blend sounds of low-fi hip-hop, soul, and jazz.


On his episode, Mike sits down with 13pm to talk about his new album "Sleeptalker". 13pm also discusses his creative process with making beats, why hip-hop culture is the most diverse genre, what really went wrong with 2000's mainstream music, how he learned guitar by playing upside down, drops quite the metaphor comparing the music business to the carpentry business, and so much more. He includes some Boston artists to watch for in our song recommendations segment at the end of the episode.

Follow 13pm on Instagram @thirteenpmproductions and stream his music available on all platforms

Charlie Gendron

Charlie Gendron is a Music Artist Manager for many artists in the Boston area and across the country. He focuses more with EDM and electropop artists.


On his episode, Charlie discusses working with various Electronic, Pop and Hip-Hop artists such as Beauz, Kaidro, Exede, Philly K, and Sabrina Kennedy, as well as interacting with the likes of The Chainsmokers and Rapsody. Charlie discusses various topics with the guys such as the electronic music scene, what a typical day-to-day looks like for a Music Artist Manager, how artists can get more exposure, the importance of concerts and live shows, and so much more. A lot of interesting insight and plenty of laughs with Charlie on this one!

Follow Charlie on Instagram @charliegendron_ 

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