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Underrated Plug-Ins For Under $50

by Brian Mitchell (B Leafs):

As a producer or engineer, your choice of plug-ins helps create unique effects to take your sound to the next level, but they can be expensive. Check out these quality, affordable plug-ins.

Waves - SSL G Master Bus Compressor (Currently on sale for $35.99)

An incredible replication of the original SSL G Console. This is best used on the master channel to really bring all of the tracks together.

I personally use the Classic Center SSL pre-set a lot for my drums to make them sound “full”.

Valhalla - Vintage Verb (Currently $50)

Valhalla makes my go-to reverb. It contains exceptional harmonics, and almost always brings life to my samples.

The 1970’s Color is my favorite - it sounds the most natural of the 3 styles in my opinion.

If you don’t mix with a Bus send, this reverb is clean enough to stand on it’s own!

Audio Thing - Reels (Currently on sale for $38.35)

Reels from Audio Thing gives your tracks a classic vintage vibe, as well as a very unique Lo-Fi analog sound.

Certainly one of the better tape emulators, especially when you factor in the price.

Waves - J37 Tape (Currently $29.99)

This is possibly my most used plug-in, especially early on in my engineering journey.

It gives pristine saturation to your drums, but can also be used for instruments/samples as well. Overall, this plug-in will bring your mix a lot of warmth.

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