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Sid Mason Highlights Mental Health Awareness on “SIC”

by Mike Scarfo

Following the success of his first single in 2021 “DIV”, LA-based artist Sid Mason returns with another experimental hip-hop-inspired single titled “SIC”. What made “DIV” so uniquely captivating was the song’s dark, abrasive sonic undertones and Mason’s vibrant, detailed lyricism rejecting the status quos of the music industry, while subsequently manifesting his own journey. Mason’s bars were focused, and stoutly commanded the audience’s attention.

“SIC” still features elements of experimental vocal samples and synths, but the song’s mood is taken in a much more melancholy direction than its predecessor, resulting in a sentimentally emotional aesthetic. The instrumental is deeply layered with its subtle influences of jazzy horns and a smooth keyboard melody. Vocally, Mason still captures profound emotion as he delivers lyricism that focuses on a variety of mental health issues. He addresses depressive feelings of loneliness, comparing his isolation to that of an only child. This isolation he describes is furthered with the sense that it could drive him to create assumptions and insecurities about himself, and that others in his "tribe" may begin to believe them too. Subsequently, he voices his concerns through the opposing viewpoint: what if the people around him are going through these tribulations as well? His realization of a dangerous social dilemma rather than a personal issue suddenly becomes all the more significant.

What could potentially be the cause of this phenomenon? The track introspectively questions the effect that social media can have on our psyche, especially in Gen Z who have largely grown up with the influence of the internet. Mason associates excessive internet use as a cause of the mental health crisis our world currently faces. He argues the allusion social media constructs through warped, unattainable perceptions of beauty as extraordinarily detrimental. In the hook, he aims to “fight back” from the dark space he has spiraled into by focusing on his ambitions. He acknowledges that many have probably felt this way before, as he melodically rhymes “now we feel a way / we still feel the rain / it ain’t been the same / I still feel ashamed / don’t know who I am”. Conceptually, “SIC” proves to be exemplary in achieving relatability amongst the vast majority of us who have suffered from poor mental health on some level. Check out the innovative music video below, directed by Somethin' Good.

“SIC” ends abruptly with a chilling thought, as Mason contemplates who would actually miss him if he was gone, a frequent viewpoint related to people with suicidal tendencies. Because "SIC" is devoid of any larger epiphany or silver lining at the song's conclusion, it emphasizes the severity and timeliness to expose this epidemic. The narrative is ultimately bone-chilling and tough to swallow, but necessary to consider.

“SIC” balances out “DIV” in an impactful way that showcases Sid Mason’s ability to adapt to multiple styles. Overall, his second single of 2021 offers a new narrative, glimpsing far beyond who he is as an artist; Mason continues to show his transparency as a human being, while reflecting on societal problems that are in desperate need of reconciliation. Despite the energy level of “SIC” being the antithesis to “DIV”, the contrast allows his audience to feel like they are getting to know Sid Mason on not only a personal level, but through his philosophical and psychological beliefs. As he gears up for the release of his upcoming EP, I certainly can't wait to hear how the rest of this story unfolds.

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