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OTA Le & Owen Create Charismatic New Single"Playa"

by Mike Scarfo

OTA Le is a rising hip-hop artist in the Boston area who I’ve come across in the last few months, notably working with the likes of Mikey Milano (“Till I Die”), Wayup Rui (“IYAWO”), as well as being featured on Brockton producer Neezy Beatz’s latest album Room 305 (“Aia”, & “To Da Head”). What has really enamored me about OTA Le at this point in his career has been his unrelenting energy and charisma, and the way he’s able to bridge multiple styles of hip-hop and soul.

Earlier this year in May, Le released his second full-length project Limited Edition, a project rooted in soulful trap sounds paired with a combination of melodic vocals and gritty rhymes. Now, he graces the local Massachusetts music with the release of his latest single “Playa” featuring production and engineering from AM Studios frontman Owen. OTA Le continues his success with the melodic-trap fusion that has become a staple sound for him as an artist.

“Playa” features vibrant production from Owen; its glossy keys and catchy vocal sample perfectly blended with the heavy bassline provide a tropical, yet bouncy atmosphere. OTA Le’s vocals are a display of his ear-grabbing, melodic croon-style delivery that would be sonically comparative to a Tory Lanez or Bryson Tiller vibe. Because of its accessibility, “Playa” has potential to be played in a plethora of different settings. To put it simply, “Playa” truly captures the budding talent and keen ear for appealing music that OTA Le possesses.

“Playa” is a must-add to any upbeat or uptempo playlist you have. Be sure to stream “Playa” on all platforms, wherever you get your music:

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