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Knowhere Isn’t Just Anywhere; It’s a Creative Haven

by Mike Scarfo

If you were to simply drive by the all-white, windowless one-story building in Methuen, you would most likely think nothing of it. From the outside it would even appear vacated. Alas, as most of us have probably heard the phrase “Not everything is as it seems”. This anecdote certainly applies to brand new Knowhere Studios, as the unassuming exterior is simply an illusion to the beauty and magic that is created behind its closed doors.

As I approach the entrance, the door swings open and I am greeted by a bright, welcoming, bearded face: the one and only Jon Glass, a well-established Massachusetts music producer who’s worked with the likes of artists such as Token, Joyner Lucas, and Hopsin to name a few. I congratulate him on the new studio, and he shows me around the facility, which even has a full bathroom with a shower, to the laughter and surprise of many who tour Knowhere that day.

Most in the industry know Glass for the versatility of his beats and his personable, down-to-earth nature, as he has graced the tracks of dozens of artists in the Massachusetts music scene. But Glass isn’t the only entity that makes Knowhere special; he is just one member of the all-star studded staff, which includes music producer Melks, artist and engineer Andre X (both hailing from Lawrence, MA), and multi-talented media producer SK. To be blunt, the talent and resumés in the room exceeds expectations.

And yet, as I spend more and more time observing the space, it’s not the aura of talent that I find most intriguing. It’s the generosity, the hospitality, and the confidence in their mission to make Knowhere Studios a place for like-minded creatives to do what they do best: create.

The studio features a main control room with a wide array of instruments and state of the art music-production equipment, where many innovative individuals are hanging out to support Knowhere’s grand opening. The cultivation of these people leads to inspiring conversations and an eagerness to find ways to collaborate and support one another. I find myself a part of many of these conversations. Every now and again, my attention is drawn to the live recording of The Beat Club Podcast, the first show to utilize the large podcasting studio adjacent to the main control room. Even though I can’t hear anything, the energy appears palpable, and the podcast looks to be going smoothly.

Later, Jon Glass and I are standing in the roomy recording booth which features an ambient, indigo-colored aesthetic. He tells me how happy and grateful he feels at this moment, and how excited he is for the future of Knowhere and how it will impact the Massachusetts music scene. I then ask Jon a rather simple but loaded question, “what do you hope to accomplish with this new space?”. Jon then says, without hesitating,

“Unlike our last space (Glasshouse Studios), we really want to bring more awareness to what we’re doing here. We wanted to make Knowhere like a hub, a destination place where people can go and get away from the outside world. We want this to be a safe space for people to create and be themselves. We do so many things here from engineering, to podcasting, to production, to graphic design and video. We just want people to come through and do what they do best, and let us take care of the rest. Keep spreading some positive energy, have a community aspect here, and bring like-minded creatives here. Each one, teach one”.

Each one, teach one. That last line resonates and really hits home. A sentiment that truly encapsulates the unique genuinity of Knowhere Studios. A sentiment we should all aim to aspire to each and every day.

If you are an artist, producer, podcaster, or video creative, follow Knowhere Studios and all of the amazing people involved below. If you are interested in any of their services, be sure to reach out to them!

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