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Faybee Is Back With Another Summer Smash “Nicely”

by Mike Scarfo

Faybee has been a staple on this page going on multiple years now, and every subsequent release continues to show off another layer of her vocal talents and growth as a songwriter. Her latest offering “Nicely” is no exception, yet this time she takes a bit of a different approach sonically (credits on the production and engineering of course from longtime collaborator, l.ucas).

The instant draw of “Nicely” is rooted in its heavy synth pop melody that’s reminiscent of Destiny’s Child in the late 90’s and Ciara in the early 2000’s but with a slower, smoother tempo to that of a modern SZA record. The warped synths are as vibrant as they are hypnotic, and Faybee’s vocals seemingly glide over the beat, making this an ideal instrumental choice.

Faybee showcases an exorbitant amount of charisma within her vocal inflections, coaxing a potential love interest to “speak to her nicely” as she lays out her love language on the table. The lyricism feels intentionally direct, as this significant other doesn’t seem to quite grasp the errors of their ways in making Faybee feel inadequate, or simply not providing the love she needs and deserves. Yet, instead of drowning them in overused cliches and vague requests, Faybee strongly tells it like it is in a confident way, without coming off too unrelenting.

My favorite part of this song is easily her rap flows on the first verse, a new dimension of Faybee’s vocal skills, particularly the opening lines of:

“speak to me nicely, you're coming off icey, baby tell me are you feeling cold?, can you melt down before I meltdown, if you could then baby just tell me so”.

I love the clever warm/cold contrast in the lyrics here, followed by an incredibly bouncy bridge which leads into a simplistic, but memorable hook. The back end of “Nicely” features some gorgeous vocal stacks and ad-libs that round out a song that doesn’t overstay its welcome, and is a perfect addition to your summer playlist.

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